Dr. Rebecca Wiley

Welcome to Conscious Infinity

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Close your eyes and imagine your perfect life

Have you created that life yet?

Conscious Infinity's mission is to get you from where you are now to where you dream to be. Our goal is to ensure that you are the key player in your own life. Allow your journey to be one full of laughter, success, health, and prosperity. You CAN create your own reality starting now! Let us show you how to lead your life instead of your life leading you.

How can Conscious Infinity help you?

Rebecca is a gifted psychic and healer who is also very well educated and has a doctorate in metaphysical and integrative medicine. The opportunity to work with Rebecca is truly a gift. Many people are able to give psychic readings and practice modalities such as Theta Healing. However, Rebecca is the real deal. She gives very accurate psychic readings and heals/shifts what needs to be done in order for you to create the reality that you desire and deserve. Rebecca has many ThetaHealing clients all over the world. The accuracy of her readings and the profound nature of her healings has caused many people of all walks of life to eagerly contact her as their go to person. 
Rebecca Wiley, Founder of Conscious Infinity, has a diverse and telling background! Rebecca realized that traditional methods are unsuccessful and completely has focused on Holistic Integrative Wellness. She has extensive experience in business management, Intuitive Counseling, Channeling, NLP, hypnotherapy, Theta healing, Matrix Energetics and many other alternative modalities.. Rebecca will use her diverse training to develop a treatment strateg
y that is perfect for you. Many people experience a total transformation after one session. Rebecca can help you no matter what your "walk in life" happens to be. She has the ability to connect with your unique situation after only a few minutes of meeting you. The treatment you experience will always be unique to who you are and your situation. This is a beautiful alternative to spending large amounts of money and time utilizing traditional methods. Are you ready for quick and effective treatment, where you will feel welcomed, understood, and experience deep and profound results after only one session?

Rebecca specialized in treating and working with:

Trauma, Grief, Anxiety, Depression, Addiction, Business Coaching, Life Coaching with an amazing twist, Manifesting twin flame/soul mates or progressing through soul mate/ twin flame issues.  Holding yourself back with patterns of fear, anger, resentment, negativity and relationship issues with family. Physical dis-ease or ailments. Learning how to manifest what you want in your life by truly becoming that energy!

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