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Welcome to Conscious Infinity. My name is Rebecca Wiley and I have created a master class on how to become holographic. What does that mean? Have you ever heard that the physical world is just an illusion? We can create our 3D realty within seconds. Our thoughts absolutely become things. Our life experiences are a direct reflection of the frequency that we vibrate at. This is HUGE! Personally, I have spent a great portion of my life learning how to do this and have experienced thoughts that have manifested in an instant. Not only can you manifest instantaneously, you can heal your physical body by becoming holographic. Imagine if you could reach through your body and remove cancer or fix a broken bone. The possibilities are endless.

I have eight more meditations to this series of “Awakening to Infinite Consciousness” These eight meditations combined are the beginning all the way through the end of the protocol to becoming holographic.  You listened to the first two meditations, Embracing the Physical Self and Chakra Eclipse free from our home page.  Now OWN the rest for only $249.99.  

Read below and see the meditations included. 

Meditation 3: “Elemental Alchemy”

This mediation focuses on bringing in the elements after connecting with the chakras. This is important because you now are at a gate to enter into the etheric world transcending through the physical body through the chakras. This third meditation calls in the earth, air, wind, fire and ether. Let’s use elemental alchemy to show you that you are part of ALL of the elements and teach you how to utilize this gift in the holographic world!

Meditation 4: Releasing the Beast

This mediation focuses on releasing trauma now that you are one with the physical body, and one with your chakras and the elementals. You are in a powerful position to release any trauma. So many people hold trauma for way to long. This audio will guide you into releasing and freeing yourself from traumas in your life. Whether that be emotional, physical, or spiritual trauma. If you can imagine your body as a radio tuned into the frequency in correlation to what you are holding. You will be attracting frequencies that resonate with trauma. By releasing the trauma, you are resonating at a higher frequency! One that allows you to become holographic.

Mediation 5: The Divine Purge

This meditation focuses on releasing psychic cords, attacks, free floating memories, attachments, way-wards, or any discarnate energy that is not your own.

Meditation 6: Return to Me”

This meditation calls back and reintegrates any soul fragments that are yours. Many times, during trauma, grief, and in relationships you lose a part of yourself. People who have soul fragments may feel empty, dissociated, numb, apathetic, or spacey.

Meditation 7: “Gracefully Letting Go “.

This mediation focuses on forgiving and releasing resentment and anger. This is extremely important in all healing. Anger is a very low vibrational energy that weighs you down. Forgiveness allows you to vibrate at the frequency needed to become holographic. It allows you to heal and be ageless and full of vitality.

Meditation 8: “The Art of Spiritual Kung Fu “.

This is about releasing all of your fears and being in the frequency of living without fear. Fear is the number one obstacle to people being happy. This is HUGE

Meditation 9: “Activating your Power Within”

This will give you about 200 hundred downloads and DNA Activations.

Meditation 10: “Manifestation Bubble”

Desired manifestations happen instantaneously when you become holographic. Without blocks, fears, and stagnant energy in the way you can manifest POSITIVE into your life through being holographic. This will guide you into a powerful manifestation that will change your life.

These meditations/audios are embedded with intent to encode into your DNA and work directly for you. These can be used in place of sessions, before sessions to make the sessions more successful, or after sessions or classes to enforce the healing process. They are yours to keep.

However, I do know that becoming holographic is the key to changing, healing, and manifesting. It is absolutely essential.

These key points that I address are so important that I am only charging

$249.99 for the entire series. That is less than $25 for each audio. I want everyone to have access to these healings.

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