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Lyme Disease

I was approached by an integrative psychiatrist that practices medicine in LA with two chief complaints. For all intents and purposes, I will call her Carrie. The first complaint was in reference to her anxiety about her success in becoming pregnant through in- vitro fertilization, using a surrogate. The second complaint was her ongoing pain from Lyme disease. The onset of her symptoms of Lyme disease began at the age of 34. Prior to its onset, at the age of 38, she was extremely active, traveled abroad, and surfed as a hobby while going to medical school.

I am going to combine three sessions into this case study that are very telling about how the body thinks it is working perfectly for us and how we carry programs, fears, limiting beliefs, and blocks in our electromagnetic energy field across life-times that determine our everyday reality.

With permission I asked Carrie if I could do a body scan. Creator immediately showed me a past life where Carrie miscarried continuously, all the while dealing with a domineering husband who blamed her. At this point, I was unaware of the seriousness of the Lyme disease and the fact that she was going to have a surrogate carry her child. Upon questioning her and finding out that she had a surrogate, I asked her if she were perfectly healthy, would she choose to carry her own child? Carrie responded with an absolute NO. With further questioning, I found out that without the Lyme disease her husband would fully expect her to carry their child and would not allow a surrogate. Since being diagnosed with Lyme disease (the year of her marriage), she was told by numerous specialists that she absolutely would be unable to carry a child.

This was the first aspect of how the Lyme disease was serving her. Carrie was petrified of pregnancy after her past life experiences. Her body helped her in a miraculous way to avoid having to carry a child. As a theta healing practitioner, I pulled all of the shock, trauma, fear, vowels, oaths, and commitments associated with that life - that were no longer serving her and sent them to creator’s white light to be transcended and resolved. She had to forgive her husband, herself, and her body during that time and replace those emotions with forgiveness and unconditional love. Carrie also muscle tested “No” to knowing how to be a good mother, being worthy and deserving of being a good mother, and to knowing what a mother’s unconditional love feels like. I did downloads from the creator into her energy field and the morphogenetic area around her cells of what all of these emotions felt like from the creator’s perspective matching her own. Furthermore, treating her reproductive system as a separate entity, I did the same. I saw her body smile at the thought of being a mother and the fertility of her eggs increase.

One important aspect of this particular healing was HOW the Lyme disease served her. I then asked Carrie “If your Lyme disease went away, and you were perfectly healthy, would your husband allow you to carry a child”. She said, “No” he would never trust that my body could handle it and we have our surrogate picked out and ready to go. I then muscled tested her for, “I give my body permission to be in perfect health”, and she tested yes.

The second important aspect of this case was inviting the Lyme disease to leave – as it served more than just the purpose of preventing her body from carrying a child. This dis-ease “served” her in multi-faceted ways. Carrie is a girl who loves the outdoors and has been bitten by ticks “numerous times”. Lyme disease is also transmitted through blood from human to human as well. The parasite associated with this disease finds residence in all tissues, including the immune system and migrates throughout the body. The emotion behind this dis-ease is resentment, guilt, and the inability to let go.

I asked Carrie about resentments and she said “I have major resentments towards my husband”. With her permission, I did an energetic scan on her once again, I saw her husband still energetically married to his ex-wife, as well as having to deal with a very domineering mother that has energetically put this obligation on him. Carrie’s husband has a daughter with his ex-wife who is only eight years of age. Therefore, energetically the obligation and belief system was there for her husband that he had to stay married to his ex-wife energetically until his daughter was eighteen, even though he was no longer in love with her. After the body scan was complete, I asked Carrie if she still felt her husband was married to his ex and she said “I know he is still married to her”. I said, “Yes, but he is not in love with her”. Carrie said “I know that, but I still hate him for it”. I then asked her out of curiosity how old her husband was when his parents separated and she said eighteen. So I went to the creator and asked for all resentments and obligations in reference to this situation be removed, forgiven and sent into creator’s white light. Downloading what it feels like to understand her husband’s paradigm and be forgiving of the situation.

Another aspect of the reading that creator told me was that her husband has been de-masculinized, made to feel weak, and is very insecure. Carrie confirmed this both verbally and through muscle testing. I was told by Creator that another way the Lyme disease was serving her was to save her marriage. With her being so weak and unable to be active and outgoing, he was made to feel more masculine and was more secure that she would never leave him. Carrie told me that she has tried to get him to go through counseling and his conscious self said “no”. I asked her permission to speak to his higher self to do a healing on his limiting beliefs, programs, fears, and scripts that held these feelings and scenarios in his field. His higher self said yes. I resolved these issues for him by connecting with creator and witnessing the work as described above being done. Using myself as a proxy, I muscle tested him to make sure these beliefs were resolved on all levels.

Finally, I spoke with the parasite representing the Lyme disease and asked if it had permission to leave the body yet? I heard through creator that Carrie was holding onto guilt from when she traveled abroad. I asked her what happened during this time and she said nothing that she could think of. She paused for a moment and said “wait, I cheated on my fiancée while I was in Mexico and we broke up as a result”. Carrie expressed to me that she felt no remorse for this. However, when I muscle tested her it was evident that she felt the need to be punished for this event. When I connected to creator to resolve this guilt, it was shown to me that her ex- fiancée had psychically attacked her during this time leaving an imprint of the “collective consciousness” of his culture (he is Arabic) in reference to women cheating. This was a strong imprint of being punished that manifested in the part of her brain where the Lyme disease festered. I went up to creator and demanded that all psychic attacks be removed and sent into creator’s white light, replacing it with forgiveness and being impervious to any other psychic attacks.

Finally, the Lyme disease showed itself disappearing and trusting Carrie to protect and express herself without the need to manifest such a dis-ease into her being on any level. That she will have the ability to stand in her truth and express herself openly and freely.

I checked with Carrie about a week ago and she is feeling much better. She has more energy and is feeling very positive about the success of the upcoming in- vitro procedure.

Rebecca Norris
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